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Fee Structure

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Treatment Costs:

$150 for the initial visit

$85 per follow-up visits

***Most cases are weekly appointments for 3 months for maximum improvement.  Many patients see significant results in 6 weeks. ***

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions and we’ve got answers. Good news is that we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions that our patients have asked us in the last few years and put them here. 

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us 630-499-4078.

What Should I wear on my first visit?

Please come in workout attire, evaluation and treatment are most effective without the impedance of clothes if necessary. For example, if you are coming in with shoulder pain, please wear a tank top. If you have knee or leg pain, wear workout or running shorts.

I have diagnostic imaging and labs. Should I bring that to my first visit?

Please bring any imaging and relevant radiology reports.

Do you take my insurance?

Our office does not accept any insurance. Insurance companies don’t care if you get better–they only care about saving themselves money. They also put up arbitrary barriers and ultimately keep doctors from providing excellent care. Insurance doesn’t reimburse for quality or successful outcomes.

Our focus is on YOU and making sure you receive the highest quality diagnosis and treatment possible. This yields incredible results! We do accept cash, check major credit cards, Care Credit, health savings accounts (HSA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA).

How Long Does It Take?

Our initial protocol is weekly care for 3 months for maximum improvement. We expect to see 50% or more sustainable improvement in your case within 6 weeks.  We will be monitoring your progress weekly. 

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